Amanogi AI technology for The Future of Smart Space.

Satellite Component Development

Realized less than half the conventional price and development period for space cameras and CPU boards.

Analytics for Space data

New space data acquisition by space environment AI technology and operation simplification and cost reduction.

Star Tracker for a Micro and Cube Satellite

The Amanogi Star Tracker

It Capture a starry sky from a camera device and extract stars from the image. We developed Star Tracker (STT) that can estimate the attitude in the star coordinate system by matching with the star coordinate catalog. We will achieve the price and development period less than half of the conventional price, and aim for the market launch as a prompt response satellite component.

2019The Components were lunched by JAXA on Jan, 2019. It is testing in orbit.
2020We will be launching the Components.
After 2021Plan to extend the Attitude Control Components.
Deep Learning Attitude Sensor for Satellite

The Amanogi Satellite AI

Sea, desert, and clouds are distinguished by surface recognition that applied Deep Learning for Satellites.
By replacing the object to be processed and the optical system, we aim at the basic technology of AI satellites such as detection of surface landmarks, detection of cars, roads and ships.

2018Three-axis attitude determination by on-orbit image recognition / land identification using deep learning Attitude determination accuracy less than 1 deg Calculation time less than 7 sec achieved.
2019The Components were lunched by JAXA on Jan, 2019. It is testing in orbit.
2021 or later1. Realization of AI camera and plan to sell to venture companies and universities.
2. Development of demonstration satellite for demonstration experiment of applied research.
Our Vision

Utilization of Space data by applying Edge Computing to satellites

Development of AI Satellite

Research and Development of Edge Computing that will be realize small and low power for AI and Data analyses.

Autonomous operation

The Satellite itself can detect the target, it enables observation automation and tracking of moving objects.

Real-time analysis and work saving

Acquisition data can be immediately analyzed on the satellite, and further analysis results can be transmitted.

Technical demonstration 1
The Satellite is supporting for Agriculture and Maritime traffic by short- and long-term statistical data.

We develop satellites that can achieve higher cost performance by automatically detecting and acquiring only the necessary information from AI satellites.
We will demonstrate technology by 2023 and aim for market launch after 2024.

Technical demonstration 2
Optical communication satellite

The satellite recognizes the ground station, and attitude control for realizing optical communication and means for avoiding clouds are realized by AI satellite.
We will demonstrate technology by 2023 and aim for market launch after 2024.


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