Amanogi AI technology for The Future of Smart Space.

Satellite Component Development

Realized less than half the conventional price and development period for space cameras and CPU boards.

Analytics for Space data

New space data acquisition by space environment AI technology and operation simplification and cost reduction.

Star Tracker for a Micro and Cube Satellite

The Amanogi Star Compass

We developed a STT (STar Tracker) that combines a high-performance camera with a computing module.  The camera photographs the stars in the sky from the point of view of the satellite in space. The computing module extracts the stars from each image and finds accurate matches in the star coordinate catalog to estimate the attitude of the satellite in the star coordinate frame. We aim to reduce the price and development time to less than half that of conventional systems, and bring it to market as a turn-key solution.

20182018 Final evaluation of the product was completed at the Kawai Laboratory, Tokyo Tech Adopted for NEDO's "Space Industry Technology Information Infrastructure Development Project".
Adopted for the RAPIS-2 (RAPid Innovative payload demonstration SatellitE-2), scheduled to be launched in FY2021.
2019RAPIS-1 (RAPid Innovative payload demonstration Satellite 1) with a product developed by Tokyo Tech.
Earned a space achievement in core technology.
20202020 Development and testing of mass-production pathfinder products for the RAPIS-2 (RAPid Innovative payload demonstration Satellite-2) was completed.
After 2021Based on the acquired space heritage, mass production and general orders are scheduled to begin.
Deep Learning Attitude Sensor for Satellite

Amanogi Satellite AI

We have developed solutions for the collection and analysis of satellite imagery by using technologies such as Machine Learning. In the future, through our experience in detecting marine debris drifting in the ocean, we will contribute to projects and demonstrations using satellite imagery.

2019Selected for Project Ikkaku to detect and monitor marine debris.
2020Development and demonstration of a method for detecting seashore drift and debris using satellite imagery.
After 2021Based on the results of project Ikkaku: sales of analysis of satellite imagery.

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